SOLVAPERSE Series Pastes

Solvaperse Series Pigment Dispersions for Solvent Based Paint Systems

Solvaperse Series Pastes are pigment dispersions designed for solvent based paint systems. Currently, there are 4 main product groups under the Solvaperse series: LO, RPD, NC and EPX.

Solvaperse LO Series      – Pigment Dispersions for Long Oil Alkyd Systems

Solvaperse RPD Series   – Pigment Dispersions for short oil alkyd Systems

Solvaperse NC Series      –Pigment Dispersions for Nitrocellulose Systems

Solvaperse EPX Series    – Pigment Dispersions for Solvent and Solvent Free Epoxy Systems

Each product group is dispersed in its own resin system. Thus, this group of products show the highest efficiency and compatibility among the paint systems they will be used in.

Wide Product Range

Thanks to a wide range of products, products for both interior and exterior applications are offered. In addition, high performance and economical solutions are recommended for different applications.


Local Manufacturer

Solvaperse series pigment pastes, which are currently being produced in our Izmir AOSB factory, are produced using industry-leading high performance pigments and chemicals. Despite working with fixed resources in terms of sustainable quality, a very serious raw material quality control process is applied. Both the input and final product quality control process are continued with the latest technological facilities and devices. In this way, Economic Solutions of International Quality are offered.


Local Solutions

In our central warehouse in Izmir, there is a permanent stock of Solvaperse series products included in the standard product range. In addition, customer specific, fast and solution oriented special product production options are also offered.

With our extensive dealer and technical support team spread throughout Turkey as the regional need for rapid product delivery as well as technical support services are also provided.

Software and Recipe Solution Suggestions

State-of-the-art color measurement and software solutions are offered with our partner partners. In addition, recipe solution suggestions with a very large database can be provided by our company.