PIGMAPRINT Series Pastes

Pigmaprint Series Water Based Textile Printing and Dyeing Products

Products for the textile industry produced by Güray Kimya are marketed under the Pigmaprint brand. All of the Pigmaprint series products are water based. There are the following product groups under the Pigmaprint Series.

– Pigment Color Pastes

– Ready to Use and Special Effects Products

– Binder and Thickeners

– Printing and Dyeing Auxiliary Chemicals

Wide Range of Products and Economic Solutions

Thanks to its wide product range, products for different needs are offered. In addition, high performance and economical solutions are recommended for different applications.


Local Manufacturer

The Pigmaprint series products, which are currently being produced in our Izmir AOSB factory, are produced using industry-leading high performance pigments and chemicals. Despite working with fixed resources in terms of sustainable quality, a very serious raw material quality control process is applied.Both input and final product quality control process are continued with the latest technological facilities and devices. In this way, International Quality Economic Solutions are offered.


Local Solutions

In our central warehouse in Izmir, there is a continuous stock of Pigmaprint series products in the standard product range.In addition, customer-specific, fast and solution-oriented special product production options are also offered.

With our extensive dealer and technical support team spread throughout Turkey as the regional need for rapid product delivery as well as technical support services are also provided.

Solutions in Compliance with Current Legislation

Pigmaprint Series products are produced to meet the current material safety criteria for the textile industry. In the textile sector, updated legislation and very sensitive criteria have been put into use. Many raw material producers cannot give guarantees for these criteria. As Güray Kimya, separate tests are carried out for each input input before production. A controlled production process is carried out with raw materials that meet the criteria, and every batch of products produced is tested at accredited institutions. As a result of these tests, only suitable products are offered to the market by filling under the Pigmaprint brand.