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Güray Kimyevi Madde Ticareti is operating in the production of pigment pastes with 30 years of experience in paint and pigment industry. Currently, production and  quality control processes  are carried out in our plant at Izmir AOSB industrial area.


As Güray Kimya,  we follow up all legal and industrial regulations for all industries which we serve. The product ranges are manufactured according to related industrial requirements with possible high-tech Facilities.


Our product range are given below:

  • PERFECT Series Pastes
  • Water based pigment dispersion for decorative paints
  • UNIPASTE® Series Pastes
  • Complete range of universal colorants from suitable for use with a variety of water based paints, solvent based paints including acrylic, urethane, epoxy, polyester, alkyds of all oil lengths, nitrocellulose, vinyl, and hybrid systems.
  • PIGMAPRINT® Series Products
  • Pigment pastes and ready to use products for textile printing and dyeing,
  • PERFECT Series Pigments
  • Organic and inorganic pigments for different industrial applications
With giving service and support before and after sales, our aim to be your important “Trade Partner” instead of a standard supplier.
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